5 Simple DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas is well underway and it’s a great time to start decorating your house for the festive season. But why not going DIY this year with these simple but genius Christmas decorations ideas? You do not just save money, you also do something good for the environment by using recycled materials.

All you need for each item can be seen in the list below the video.

Idea 1 | Christmas Tree
Catalog, spray paint, hot glue, stars

Idea 2 | Christmas Tree decorations
Paper roll, pencil, ruler, acrylic paint, glitter, glue, hot glue, string

Idea 3 | Christmas stars
Paper roll, pencil, ruler, hot glue, glue, glitter, string

Idea 4 | Big Christmas Star
Sticks wooden, spray paint, acrylic paint, Christmas lights, wire

Idea 5 | Ice crystals
Ceramic dish, marker, oil, hot glue, metal, glitter