Bristol is a city booming with potential. A thriving hub of social &cultural activity and consistently
named as one of the best cities to live, work, and study in the UK. This place offers a truly international
experience, and we are proud to welcome students from more than 150 countries across the world. All students
benefit from living and studying in a diverse, global community that allows them to groom themselves in the best manner.

Well, there can be no denying that student storage is one big task! Moving possessions from home to college or vice versa can be stressful. It is here that Stashed Away has a modern facility covering the needs of Student Storage in Bristol at postcode areas BS7, BS2, BS5, BS6, BS16, and BS10, comes into the picture. Stashed Away offers a free collection service of student items for archiving during the break periods for those studying at the University of Bristol. So if you have been planning to locate a Student Storage Near Me, then you don’t need to be worried!

The University of the West of England – UWE Bristol is an Alliance University with a common mission to make a difference to our cities and regions. The 14 different departments within the premises are spread across three campuses in and around the city, and the good news is that Stashed Away Self Storage is just 1.4 miles from the campus! Thus, making this an easy choice for students and parents. Also, the Frenchay Campus is 1.5 miles from this facility for Student Self Storage in Bristol and the Glenside Campus is 1.2 miles with easy bus routes & walking distance.

Bristol University offers over 200 degree courses made up of Single Honours Degree, which involve studying one main subject, and Joint Honours Degree, which allow you to study two subjects alongside one another. Bristol University students, graduates and researchers are committed to making a positive impact, collaborating on projects that inspire social, political, and cultural change.

However, for students, the term break is not just essential but also something that most of them look ahead to. To make this a stress-free period for you, Stashed Away has an archiving facility close by making it the right choice for storing student’s items during the same. No matter whether you are studying at SGS College Filton or at the Bristol Technology & Engineering Academy, the services are open to all.

Further, we would also like to share that the City of Bristol College – Advanced Engineering Centre is one of the South West’s largest higher education institute. It has courses available for school leavers & adult learners. If you are pursuing an education here and require Student Summer Storage in Bristol then stop at Stashed Away for storing items in a secure unit. Here, a special mention of the students at Collage Green Centre that is just 2.8 miles away from the storing facility must also be made. With our free collection service, Stashed Away is definitely the right choice for keeping your belongings secure.

Ashley Down Centre provides an airy, vibrant and welcoming environment. The historic buildings offer study space, learning zones, classrooms, workshops and student social areas. For storing items in a self-storage facility, Stashed Away is 0.7 miles from you, which is open seven days a week and from 7 am to 7 pm. Our service gets busy between April and September, so it’s wise to pre-book your space; we have ½ lockers and student units from 11sq ft to 23sq ft.