How it works

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

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1: Size Guide
Decide what you want to store and have a look at our Size Guide page so you have an idea of the space you require.

We also have packing boxes and sundries in our Box Shop which can be purchased from the facility.


2: Book On-Line
Book On-Line to reserve and secure your unit and move in date for a nominal £10.00 fee.

You will then receive booking confirmations telling you all you need to know. You do not need to pay again until move in day. When you arrive on that day you will be given a ‘Welcome Pack’ detailing the facility use which includes your personal security key and fob.


3: Trolleys and sack trucks
Trolleys and sack trucks are available so you can unload and organise your unit at your leisure, locking it with the cylinder lock provided and then use your key fob to come and go 7am-7pm 7 days a week knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.


4: Reasons to use Self Storage

An increasing number of people are turning to self-storage to provide the extra space they need. It keeps their belongings safe and secure and provides peace of mind. Indoor storage with the facility to come and go as you please is just like having your items in another room without taking up the space in your own house.

5: Run out of space at home

Are you reluctant to cast aside the belongings you no longer use, especially if they are still in good condition? Do you want to hang onto things ‘just in case’ or because you’re planning on passing them on at some point? It could be a Chesterfield, a bike, a bed, Hi-Fi equipment or a bookcase, putting them into storage provides another option. You may even be clearing a room for a new addition to the family, it couldn’t be easier – move everything to a self- storage unit the size of the bedroom.

6: Moving House

People are moving out of their old home before moving into their new one to avoid losing a sale. If that’s the case and you have nowhere else to store your belongings, a self-storage unit is the ideal answer.
If you are downsizing, don’t throw anything away prior to the move use a self- storage unit while you make up your mind whether those bits and pieces suit your new living requirements.

7: Renovating

Before the builders are due, you can clear the areas protecting your furniture from dust or damage, valuables can be stored giving that piece of mind during that new extension, loft conversion or new kitchen by using a local self-storage facility you can come and go easily if you need any items you’ve stored.

8: Tradesman

Don’t leave ALL your tools in your van
Why not use our handy lockers so you can stash tools that are not used on a daily basis? Keep those tools safe and secure with the convenience of self-storage you can pick them up with convenient access hours of 7am – 7pm, seven days a week.

9: Garden furniture and equipment

Summer gives way to autumn and the grass has been cut for the last time. It’s time to put away all the garden furniture and equipment, but where? The space in the shed or garage seems a lot smaller than when you took it all out and the chances are you’ve bought an extra lounger, or decided to buy a bigger table. You’re not going to use any of the items for months so why not use self-storage a garden shed away from home?

10: During A Divorce

People can split up quickly and start the process of divorce, often without very much warning, meaning that rapid-fire decisions must be made. Often in the madness and the emotional stress of a divorce, documents can get lost or go missing; self- storage can provide a locker for paperwork or a self-storage unit to protect the items that are yours while you figure out what to do with them.

11: Working away

You have been offered the chance to work away, maybe abroad for a period of time you want to leave your belongings behind for the duration of your stay away, but can’t leave it at home. A self- storage unit will provide you peace of mind.

12: Students

As a student you will have various items for your stay at university clothes, television, kitchen accessories and bedding to name a few at the end of term you will need to change accommodation, self- storage provides an easy alternative than trying to take it home. We can collect your items and deliver them back to your new accommodation ready for the start of your next term.

13: Local Business

During seasonal times you may need to increase your stock self-storage can be ideal for short periods of time giving the flexibility of extended space without increasing your floor space keeping overheads under control.

14: Document storage

Release office space – store old files or documents offsite, use self- storage to keep those files. Storage can be shared within a secure shelved unit; we label each box with a unique code so we can withdraw the box for you quickly and efficiently or private storage, a unit can be shelved to your own specification and is accessible 7am till 7pm Seven days a week.

15: Drop off points

Many businesses require a facility for local tradesman or sales staff to pick up parts or samples outside their production area. Self-storage can provide a ‘Drop Off’ and storage point where persons can collect these items Seven Days a week allowing businesses to operate further afield with reduced costs.

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