Recycled/Rehomed was created to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and to raise much-needed money for charity.

Our Recycled/Rehomed page allows our customers to advertise and sell their unwanted items as it is a shame to send them to landfill.

If you have items in storage with us and you would like to free up some space, fill in the online form and we will list your item on our website.

You will be contacted directly by anyone interested in your item, to arrange a viewing.

If your item sells, we ask for a small financial contribution (we suggest 10% of the final sale price). This will then be donated to charity.

You can find our full terms and conditions here.

Seller Information

Terms and Conditions

Stashed Away require a separate form for each item you wish to list and we ask that you provide as much information as possible about the item for sale. We will display your item exactly as you have described and will not be held responsible for correcting any errors or chasing missing information.

  1. The sale of any item, which breaches copyright and/or trademark regulations, or infringes upon the rights of any third parties, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Stashed Away will not accept liability for the sale of any counterfeit items or items which are deemed unfit for purpose, or inaccurately described.
  3. Any disputes must be handled strictly between the buyer and seller.
  4. Stashed Away will display the items on the ‘Recycled/Rehomed page for a maximum of 30 days after which we delete the item from the webpage. If you wish to continue to have the item displayed, you will need to re-submit the form.
  5. All successful sales made through Recycled/Rehomed webpage will be subject to a donation of 10% of the sale price which Stashed Away will donate to a charity of their choice.
  6. You must have items currently stored with us to use this scheme.
  7. The seller must agree with the buyer an appointment time and date and be present prior to meet the buyer in the reception of the storage facility. No access will be given to the buyer on behalf of the seller to maintain Stashed Away’s security.
  8. Please note, your item may be featured and promoted for sale through social media.