Stashed Away Saves the Day!

A student was using our van belongings/collection service. As agreed all of the items were boxed and ready to go, unfortunately this was on the third floor, however, the student said we could use the lift and our driver volunteered to help. The student, the boxed goods and driver entered the lift only to get stuck. After what seemed like eternity waiting with no sign of maintenance and no phone signal, our driver opened the lift doors. The student reported to the office on their return ‘He was like Superman! He opened the lift doors with his bare hands so I could still put my stuff into storage and still make flight home. Thank you Stashed Away.

From Storage to Dream Home

This week we saw one of our customers move their house contents out of our storage facility and into their newly built house. They had sold their ‘old’ house, but their new property was still being built and they have been storing with us for the past six months whilst this new property was in it’s final stages of being completed.
We were sad to see them go but pleased that they now have the house that they had been waiting for!!

Not only Humans use Storage!

Not only do humans store…
Did you know that crocodiles also store food deep into river banks to soften the flesh to make it easier to eat at a later date?
So join this animal and ‘stash away’ your belongings for future use at Stashed Away, Self Storage.
We have a variety of different units to suit you – ranging from 11 Sq ft to 150 Sq ft.

How to move a mattress the right way?

Most of us have been in that situation. We are moving houses but have no van or movers at hand and instead are depending on using an ordinary car. When it comes to moving the bigger household goods, often the mattress provides the greatest challenge – especially when it comes to large king size mattresses. So what to do when this essential part of the household needs to be shifted from A to B?
Check out this brilliant and useful video below. It takes you through the process, explains what you need and what is allowed and what not.


But better be careful, because if you don’t do it right, this might happen:


By the way, Stashed Away has not just the perfect storage space for your mattress, but we also provide a van for free when you need to move your goods safe and secure.
Contact us now, for more details.