Home Renovation Storage: Where and How to Store your Belongings

Are you excited about your remodeling project? Have you thought about where you will store your items during the renovation? If you have come up with a good space, that’s great, but for those who are struggling to find a suitable space where they can place their stuff for as long as they want, self-storage is the idea. For those who know what exactly a self-storage facility is, we must tell you that it’s a space where you can store your belongings for days, months or years at a very affordable price. Depending on the amenities being offered to you, you will be charged. Also, the size of your storage unit determines the cost.


In the 21st century, Home Renovation Storage is a perfect idea to avoid hindrances in work, and you can focus on your work and bypass the hassle of managing belonging here and there. This place comes in handy when your place is running out of space. During the renovation, it’s obvious that you require ample space so the team can work without any obstacles. Your furniture and other items can be created chaos in the renovation, so storing them at a storage facility will give you peace of mind and a free hand to your labours to work comfortably.



The storage facility will ascertain your belongings; they take care of your items by providing a comfortable and friendly environment. At Stashed Away, you will get temperature-controlled Home Renovation Storage facility which is preferable to keep your furniture and other items in adequate condition. You can’t anticipate the weather so well. Apparently, humid environment absorption causes items to damage, and excessive moisture can also cause corrosion and rust. Therefore, choosing a temperature-controlled units is the best to protect your expensive belongings.


We know you value your items. When you’re working on a home improvement project, the last thing you should be worried about is whether your belongings are secure and accessible. When you’re busy with on your remodeling project, we at Stashed Away protect your items from the outside environment. We have a Walk-in unit, so you can easily add and remove heavy items without causing them to be damaged.

Belongings you Can Choose for Storage Unit When Going for Home Renovation

Once you have decided to renovate your office space, there is no turning back. However, the process can easily become stressful due to several unexpected things coming over to you. Renovating premises is more difficult than a residential project. Whether you are going for a minor renovation of the bathroom or kitchen or an extensive remodelling project, the entire process will cause inconvenience. While there are many moving parts to consider for a successful remodeling project, most people overlook the importance of ensuring there is enough storage space.


Adequate storage is something you should think through before starting the renovation project to avoid later inconveniences. This guide highlights some of the best storage options and packing tips to simplify storage during a house renovation. Other than finding the top House Renovations Storage facility in Bristol, you need to especially pay attention to your items’ safety. All should be wrapped well in a bubble wrapper with some paper between the items.



So, during the transit, they don’t get cracked or broken. Never stack other items on top of fragile materials, as this can lead to damage. If your bubble wrap materials aren’t attached, tape them down once you’ve completed wrapping. Always mark boxes with fragile contents as FRAGILE. As we have packed the most fragile items, now it’s time to store other frequently stored possessions like dishes, furniture, mattresses, and metal items (including  tables and tools).


Things that can be dismantled should be done to fit in the lesser space. Mattresses should be propped to stand up straight; folding them can damage them and create lumps. Other items or items made of metal should be covered completely to avoid rusting. All these items should be wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes. Adding to this, if you’re storing too many items, it can be difficult to remember everything. To ensure that everything is accounted for, take an inventory of everything you’re planning to store. Make a list and keep it with you at your home or business.


Meanwhile, make sure you don’t add items that aren’t supposed to be placed there. Items like precious stones and things you need daily. However, the storage facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, guards, and state-of-the-art techniques; we still don’t suggest this. Also, you will not be comfortable visiting the unit often, so don’t place things you need on a daily basis.


Apart from this, rent a place that you can trust and offers you amenities, unlike unprofessional and small sites. Stashed Away is a trusted place you can count on for House Renovations Storage in Bristol. Our service is available for corporate, residents, individuals, students and more. Contact us to store your belongings at our safest storage facility in Bristol.

5 Online Platforms to sell Online

Are you looking to get some extra cash and get rid of unwanted clutter? The best and easiest way to just that is to sell online. Gone are the days of complicated and expensive newspaper ads or trips to the local car boot sale.

There are now hundreds of online platforms where you can sell your products or resell items. We handpicked the best five platforms for you.

In order to succeed, online selling sites must be trustworthy and familiar to buyers. Given the choice, customers will always pick websites they already know and like. That’s why popularity is one of the critical factors when choosing the best place to sell online.



Founded in 1995, eBay has a huge market of more than 24 million users today.

Pros: There is no doubt that eBay’s marketplace is one of the biggest in the business. Due to the open platform nature of the site, it is possible to sell almost anything anywhere in the world.

Cons: eBay is an extremely competitive platform. With so many different sellers, making sales can be challenging. Moreover, it takes 10% from your earnings, which can make a huge difference to your profits when you’re just starting out.



Since its launch in 1994, Amazon has become the dominant player in the online shopping industry, 1,600,000 packages shipped a day!

Pros: Selling through Amazon, despite being a third-party platform, gives your product an instant stamp of approval and trustworthiness that can be difficult to achieve independently. To the user, the product listings make it look as if all goods are being sold by Amazon. The shopping experience is more traditional, without the auctions-setup of eBay.

Cons: You’ll have to pay a monthly listing fee if you sell in high quantities, Amazon takes a cut of your profits. It can also be quite technical for retailers to sell on Amazon due to heavy product-specific requirements.



It is worth noting that Etsy was founded in 2005, which as of this writing makes it 13 years old. As of 2014, they accumulated an impressive 19.8 million active buyers.

Pros: Etsy is a great platform for selling niche products that appeal to customers interested in vintage, quirky or hand-made items. Etsy is a haven for the creative-minded and the platform allows you to personalise your listings more.

Cons: Like on Amazon and eBay, you have to give away some of your profits in their listing and final sale fees.



The Facebook community is one of the largest in the world, as you might imagine. Globally, Facebook is used by over 2.20 billion users every month offering a huge potential reach.

Pros: This platform is very effective when it comes to reaching a local community since you can post your ad in local groups. It doesn’t charge for listings and the default setting is for members of the local community to see products first.

Cons: There is no protection for buyers or sellers on Facebook Marketplace, and you are expected to do most of the work yourself.



Gumtree has become one of the largest websites in the UK, selling all kinds of everyday items and even larger-scale goods including vehicles and properties. It was first launched over 20 years ago in 2000.

It’s perfect for buyers to hunt out a bargain, so upload your items for free and gain some extra cash on the side. Experienced sellers can pay a little extra to increase the visibility of their advertised item to potential buyers – this can range from £5.40 to £7.49.

Pros: The platform offers an entirely free option to use and it’s easy to place an ad.

Cons: There are many scammers on the platform


Do you need a safe and secure location to store your sold goods that are due to be collected? Just get in touch and we will find the optimal solution for your storage requirements. We wish you all the best with your next online sale.