Common Storage Problems Students Face During University

You might think that packing your things would be the least of your problems when you’re juggling studies and work in university. It wasn’t until the holidays and summer, the only time when you’ll be able to have a break from all the university drama, that you’re confronted with the mundane and annoying task that is storage. We have listed the common storage problems students face whilst at university.

1. Your childhood bedroom has been converted

Most students relate to this problem. The moment you go to university, your parents would immediately renovate your bedroom into something else. Most of the time it’s transformed into a guest room, and the stuff that you’ve been keeping inside your childhood bedroom is kept in some box hidden away in the basement or attic. The conversion of your room comes with furniture and equipment that your parents think might be necessary for the guests which makes it impossible for your university possessions to have space in your own converted room.

2. Your possessions can easily fill up a car or van.

You might not be aware of it, but you have accumulated a lot of things during your stay in your rented accommodation. Who knew that those books lying around your room would take up so much space, added to the furniture you have brought to be used in your rented accommodation.

3. Do you really think you can bring your belongings home by train?

Let us say you have managed to pack all of your things and you want to bring them all home. Do you really think you can find a seat on the train, with three bags, a rucksack, a box and a suitcase?

This problem is true to students who want to bring their possessions back home but do not want to use a removal van or their parents don’t want to have the inconvenience of driving to the university to fetch them.

4. Leaving certain items in your rented accommodation is not an assurance that they will be there when you get back.

One concern that most university students think about is the security of their rented accommodation since they’re not assured that their belongings are safe to be left alone, especially in cities and busy neighbourhoods. Coming back to a different room because of the noticeable missing furniture or equipment is not a pleasant experience.
Sometimes, when you leave your possessions, your fellow students might take it upon themselves to use your things and there’s no telling if they’ll take care of them. There’s no assurance that you’ll be able to find your items again.

These are the common situations and problems that students experience when it comes to storing their things.Renting a self-storage unit can ease all your woes and can provide you with less hassle when you are faced with this problem of storing. By hiring a storage unit, you are sure that you will be able to store all your items in a highly secure and accessible place. Security wise, storage facilities are equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras and alarm systems, meaning you do not have to worry about missing items.

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