Storage Tips – Summer is Nearly Over!

Summer holidays are almost over!

Storing your camping gear after your summer holiday

1 Make sure you tent is clean and dry before packing away
2 Give your camping pots and pans a deep clean so they are completely spotless
3 Remove all batteries from your gadgets so they don’t corrode or leak whilst not being used
4 Air out your sleeping bags before folding away
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Top Tips for a successful student life

A brand-new university year is around the corner which will mark for some the most exciting time of their life. Fresher’s who start unit in September, now is the time to get your head around all the preparation in order to start student life the right way. Here is some great advice. Before you arrive

Get a student bank account sorted! Comparison websites like help to find the best deal for you.

Keep a record of all communications (i.e. emails, letters) from your university and follow their social media channels in order to stay informed of important events and guidance. Check your timetable online and find out what other info is available to you.


Arrive as soon as possible once you have your accommodation confirmed. People form bonds fairly quickly in these early stages. So get to know your fellow students and get excited about new friendships. Especially as a newbie it’s always easier to master student life together – never forget, you are all in the same boat.

Get yourself unpacked early. You’ll be a busy in the days and weeks that follow and home sickness is sure to hit. Make your place as comfortable as possible from the get-go.

Make the most of the support and help available. Dedicated student support teams are there for you to make things most convenient so don’t be afraid to get in touch

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Get to know your surroundings. Depending on the campus size, getting familiar with the facilities can be a daunting task. Have a look around: Where’s the laundry room, reception, friends flat, bar and so on. Once you discovered the campus, get to know the area and explore your new home town.

Go to the fresher’s fair. The event is a great opportunity to have a look at the society’s offers. If you are into sports this is a great start to meet your new team mates. If music is your thing, meet your fellow music enthusiasts.

Work out a budget and stick to it. This is a tricky one as the financial responsibilities you suddenly have often makes it hard to manage your money efficiently. Get your cash out at the beginning of each week, it’s far easier to keep track

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Try to keep up a friendly relationship with your flatmates. It’ll make living issues much easier.

Whether you’re friends or not living with a group of people is a team game. Help out with the washing up, general cleaning and other household chores. A rota is useful in these situations. Do all you can for a quiet life, giving you more energy for your studies.

Keep your personal space clean and tidy especially if you’ve got your own bathroom facilities. Little and often avoids bigger issues later down the line.

Maintain personal hygiene. Aside from the obvious health implications, smelling like you’ve not had a shower for a few days is not a great icebreaker.

Food – you’re not living at home any more so you’ll be responsible for your diet. No need to obsess over keeping it balanced but make sure you’re eating a bit of fruit and veg as well as the usual carbs and protein. Your health and wellbeing depends on it.

Go for big food shops. A good old bulk shop will cost you a great deal less than daily trips to the local express store and mean you’ve always got something to eat at home.

Stay responsible on nights out, especially when there’s alcohol involved. Eat well beforehand, familiarise yourself with the area, and keep an eye on your belongings – particularly your drink. Finally, don’t forget once the first year comes to an end and you are looking for an affordable space to store all your belongings safe and effortless get in touch with StashedAway