Top Tips: Working from Home

For those of us who are not commuting to an office, either from time to time or every day, but working from home instead, it’s often challenging to create a productive environment. Especially when you haven’t got a huge amount of room to work.

Here are some top tips from to make the most of your available space and get things done.

To find and create a space where you can be most productive, is probably the hardest bit. Especially when you share your home with a housemate or your family, you have to be creative when it comes to finding a suitable works space in a house where every room has a purpose already.


First of all, make sure every tiny patch of wall or an unused corner can be used. If you are not planning to have a permanent home office, you can create an area which you use when needed but does something else when you don’t. It’s important that your “go-to” spot can be set up easily and is ready for work in no time.

Many people struggle to be productive when working from home as there are plenty of distractions. From kids and pets to the telly and other forms of entertainment. It’s always tempting to take another break. Therefore, it is vital to clearly define when you’re “on” work and when not.

You can work with a sign which says free or busy or use headphones. It’s just important that there is clear communication and people around you know that you are in working mode. Your working space should be comfortable and dedicated completely to your work—at least, while you’re working. Try to give yourself a spot that’s clearly a working space.


Once you found the right space, make sure you get rid of non-work related items that just distract you. Books, games or even a comfortable blanket, should all be moved somewhere they won’t tempt you while you’re trying to be productive.

If you require to take phone calls or Skype calls, make sure your home office looks decent and the noise level around you is as low as possible. Using a headphone and preparing the room beforehand are recommended.

With a bit of planning and preparation, it’s fairly easy to remove most distractions in the house. However, there are often other “ever-present” distractions, like road noises, the kitchen, or construction work. In these cases, it’s all about focus. For many headphones and some quiet music can help immensely. It’s also useful to make a plan for specific work times and specific break times.

Working from home can be a real joy and even may help to increase productivity. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get things done when we’re distracted by family, the doorbell, or even the pantry calling your name. Think ahead, prepare for distractions, and carve out a comfortable, well-defended place for you to settle in and be productive, and you’ll manage to get things done.

By the way, if you ever need to create more space for your home office but haven’t got enough room in your house,  we can help.

Top Things To Look For In Self Storage Units

Top Things To Look For In Self Storage UnitsIf you find that you have too much stuff in your home, in the process of moving to another place or downsizing for a smaller apartment, self-storage is the best temporary solution to your space needs.

But before you rent a space in the nearest self-storage facility in your area, here are a couple of things you need to look for to ensure that your belongings will be secure in a storage space. By carefully considering all these, you ensure that your belongings are stored in a safe area that meets your needs.

Different storage sizes

Your chosen self-storage provider should have different sizes of units available so that you can choose one that’s appropriate for your needs. The size of the storage unit you need will ultimately depend on the possessions you need to store. But it can be rather tricky to estimate how much space you require. If you choose a unit that’s too big, you won’t be able to maximise the storage space and you might end up spending more by paying a higher rent. On the other hand, if the storage space is too small, it won’t be able to accommodate all your stuff and you’ll end up needing another unit to rent. Also you should keep in mind that the space should not only fit all your items but also provide enough space for you to go inside when you need to find an item that you will suddenly need in the future.

Premium security

Security is very important when it comes to self-storage. Even if you are not planning on keeping valuable assets inside, you would still need to ensure that all your stored belongings will be safe and secured, so a facility that gives importance to protection and surveillance is your best choice. They should be able to provide 24-hour video supervision, fire prevention, security guard and a system to monitor individuals that come in and out of the facility. Aside from this, the actual building should have a fence, a gate and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Climate-controlled units

Your chosen self-storage facility should have climate-controlled units. This is because when items are exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, they will be more susceptible to damage. This is why climate-controlled units are extremely important especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. These units are designed to protect your belongings, keep wood furniture from warping, prevent metals from accumulating rust and keep documents and books from deteriorating because of moisture. Climate-controlled storage spaces may be relatively more expensive but it is definitely worth investing in if you want your stored belongings to last.

Friendly customer service

A good self-storage provider should have friendly staff who are available to answer all your enquiries and assist you through the process of storing your belongings in their facility. They should also be easy to contact if you’ll need to get an item from your storage unit in the future. In addition to this, your self-storage provider should have office hours that’s convenient for you.

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