Self Storage Packing Tips

Self Storage Packing Tips

After finding a reliable provider of storage in Bristol or elsewhere to aid with your home improvement project or for your unused belongings, it is very important to have all your items properly and safely packaged, ready for the move. This is to ensure the preservation of all your possessions by preventing them from getting broken or damaged through the transportation and the storage process itself.

In addition to this, securing the right packaging for all your items will make it easier for you to sort through and find things later. To help you, here are a few packing tips you may want to take into consideration:

• Choose the right box

Refrain from using rubbish bags or any type of plastic to pack your items because they easily tear and lack ventilation which may result in mildew. Instead, use the right type of boxes or packing crates that are appropriate for your properties’ weight and brittleness. Typical boxes for storage are a good choice for hefty items such as books and dishes, whilst large boxes are apt for lighter items such as bedding, blankets and linens.

• Consider using hanging wardrobe boxes

Use a wardrobe box for clothing such as trousers, dresses, suits and evening wear to prevent wrinkling and damage. It can also be beneficial to use for hanging curtains.

• Do not overload the boxes

Whilst we advise you fill each box completely to prevent the top or sides from crushing, they should not weigh more than what you can comfortably lift. Make sure they remain ‘square’ without adding too much weight by filling the open spaces with crumpled paper or bubble wrap.

• Label your boxes

Label your boxes with a heavy black marker to save you from having to open everything when you look for an item later. Make sure to mark boxes full of breakables as ‘fragile’ and clearly indicate the stacking direction where the items should be stored in a certain way.

• Tape your boxes up

Securing your boxes with good quality packaging tape is essential to make sure they maintain their structure and protect the items inside.

• Avoid stacking heavy items on top

Items such as heavy rugs, TVs or file boxes must be placed on the floor instead of putting them on top of other items as their weight will slowly crush what’s beneath them.

• Wrap your furniture and fragile properties

Cover your furniture and use protective materials to keep them in good condition during the moving process and whilst in storage köpa clomid utan recept. The same goes for dishes and framed art, which need to be bubble-wrapped individually. If you want to save money or reduce your use of plastics, old blankets, sheets and towels work perfectly well.

• Keep extra materials such as boxes, packing tape and marking pens in your unit

No matter how organised you may be, there may come a time when you won’t be able to find what you are looking for and in an attempt to locate that certain thing, your storage unit to becomes untidy. In light of this, consider keeping a few extra boxes and storage materials in case you need to repack and re-label any belongings.

Conveniently based in Bristol, Stashed Away offers you the best storage solutions with transparent pricing. No matter how many possessions you need to store and how long you need a unit, we can provide you with both long-term and short-term storage options. Rest assured that all our storage units are clean and individually secured in a temperature-controlled warehouse. Check out our Size Guide here. For more information, send us an email at or give us a call on 01179 516325.