5 Things You Can Do To Keep Cool During The Summer

Admittedly, Summer here in the UK doesn’t necessarily always mean high temperatures and lots of sunshine from May until September. But there have been a few heatwaves already and with the hottest months yet to come it’s always wise to prepare for the upcoming weeks, especially when you spend more time than usually at home. Here are 5 simple but clever tricks to keep cool during the summer provided by The Cooling Company.

1. Use Portable And Ceiling Fans
Although a portable fan don’t cool the air like an air conditioner does but instead, they work by creating a breeze and the wind-chill effect from that breeze hits your skin and creates a cooling effect.

For an extra blast of coolness, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. This simple trick creates a refreshing mist of air. Another useful tip is to place a box fan across from an open window. This is an easy way to create a cross-breeze that can lower the temperature of a room drastically.

2. Use Ice Packs And Take Cold Showers
Using external cold sources such as showers and ice packs is one of the most simple and basic form to stay cool  during hot periods. To beat the heat, hop into a cold shower. Not only will this lower your body’s core temperature but an ice-cold shower invigorates the skin and improves blood circulation.

Next, stock up on ice! Ice will become your best friend when temperatures are sweltering and you’re desperate to keep cool during the summer. Drink lots of ice water to stay hydrated and prevent heat-related illness. Place ice packs on pulse areas like your wrists, neck, groin, and temples to stay cool.

3. Keep The Curtains Drawn
Even when your air conditioner is running, a smart way to keep your house cool and save energy is to draw the curtains and blinds during the day. Sunlight streaming in through windows increases the internal temperature of the house. Even furniture and walls absorb the heat. That means your air conditioner has to work harder to cool the home.

Make it a habit to draw the curtains or close blinds and window shutters before you leave for work. This prevents heat from entering the home during the hottest hours of the day. Blackout curtains are best at blocking sun and heat.

4. Use Light Bedding
Getting a good night’s sleep is difficult when you’re hot and sweaty. If the AC isn’t working, you’ll be tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable. To get a good night’s sleep when the AC isn’t working, use light cotton sheets that are breathable. On a hot night, you can forego a comforter altogether as a sheet is probably all you’ll need. Keep a light blanket nearby in case you do feel a little cold in the night and want to cover up.

5. Hang Out Downstairs
A common concept in physics is that heat rises. This means that warm air naturally gravitates to a higher area. If you live in a two-story house, you’ve probably noticed that the upstairs area is always warmer than lower level. The air will be cooler downstairs compared to upstairs. Kids may actually find it fun to set up tents and mattresses and camp out in the living room. If temperatures are unbearable, you might want to dive further down into the basement which is the coolest part of a house.