The Do’s and Don’ts of Storage

Whether you’re looking for storage units for your personal belongings in Bristol or are a student interested in self-storage for the first time and want to find out more, then welcome to Stashed Away.

If you and your family have decided to move house, or extend your property, then self-storage is the solution to all of your problems! As moving house can be a very stressful time, our friendly and reliable team at Stashed Away are only too happy to help. It’s important to find somewhere safe to store all of your belongings during the big move. Even more so if you are extending your property or renovating it, as you may still need access to these items, so safe and accessible storage is vital. It also makes builders and renovators’ lives a lot simpler, as all of your possessions and belongings are out of the way, clean and safe. One less worry for everyone! Breakages and damages are also a lot more easily avoided when your belongings are stored off-site. So make sure you protect your assets today, with Stashed Away.

Self-storage for the home can also come in handy if you’re travelling for work or have a long trip planned. Even if you’re a student looking to store your things for a gap year, Stashed Away can help. All of your belongings are stored safely and securely at our local Bristol depot. Our rates are also very competitive, making us a popular choice with students.

Even if you’ve used self-storage before, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes, do’s and don’t’s, and other helpful tips to use as a guide when it comes to storage units in North Bristol.

Here are our Do’s – Do seek out these attributes when choosing your self-storage solutions;

Payment options such as month by month leasing are preferable, meaning you can leave at any time, for example as soon as you’ve found your new home or place to live!

Options such as a ground floor drive-up facility will save you so much time and effort, and avoid you putting your back out!

Clean, new, bright units that are in good working order – you and your valuables deserve a clean, safe space for storage.

On-site management – this means you’ll receive expedient and a more personalised experience, tailored to you.

Don’ts – here’s our list of factors to avoid when choosing a self-storage facility;

Long-term contracts – try to avoid these as you might end up paying for extra time you haven’t used!

Multi-story units – these can be a hassle to access, especially if you need to get to your belongings regularly!

Strict payment options with no flexibility – it’s good to have options when it comes to payments.

Old, dusty and mouldy units – avoid these as it usually means their other services aren’t up to scratch either!

Companies with an off-site management office – this means if you have any trouble or queries, it may be not possible to speak to a member of the team directly, not ideal.

One-size-fits-all units – avoid these like the plague, or you might just end up paying for storage space you’re not actually using, and no one wants that!

Units where only a lock and key are the security – to ensure your items are 100% guaranteed and safe, look for companies that offer additional security. After all, your valuables are valuable web.

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