Top Reasons Why College Students Should Choose Self Storage

These holidays, you may now be wondering what to do with all the things that you have in your room or flat. You may be thinking about where to put your furniture and equipment or you may decide to let go of some your items. Unless you are staying at the university, your possessions end up getting packed up and moved back home.

The question most students ask is, “Is there enough space in my bedroom to store my possessions?” Do not risk hauling your things into your bedroom without weighing the pros and cons of expense, travel and hassle! Why not rent a self-storage unit and reap the benefits of just storing your items there and get them back when you need them again? If you are still not convinced, we have compiled a list of the top reasons why we think you may need to hire a self-storage unit.

1. Save your money

Renting a van when your possessions do not fit your car can be quite costly especially if you are in a university that is miles away from your home. Save your money by just renting a self-storage unit that is near your accommodation. Some self-storage facilities even offer a free van delivery when you decide to transfer you possessions.

2. Security is the priority

Self-storage facilities are equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras and alarm systems. This way you are sure that your items are kept safe even if you are not around. Climate-controlled facilities are also available if you want to store delicate items such as furniture, computer equipment and musical instruments.

3. Save Space

Did you know that a storage unit is not only for moving during holidays and school breaks but can also be used during the term? Once you rent a storage unit, you can use it to store extra books, off-season clothing or other things that may cramp up your accommodation. By doing so, you get extra space for your room.

4. Parent-preferred

Your parents might not be thrilled with the idea of paying great expense to transfer your possessions. Hauling your things back home to just store in the basement or on any available space sounds like a lot of hassle when you’ll be returning to your university after a month or two. By hiring a self-storage unit, you can avoid this situation.

5. Makes for an affordable alternative than to change flats

You might notice the abundance of clutter in your room and you’ve thought about moving to a larger flat to have more space for yourself. City lettings can be quite expensive so you can consider storing your things first in a storage unit before deciding to leave your old room. This can be a far more affordable alternative if you search for self-storage units that are catered to students rather than renting a larger flat.

Now that you know the reasons why having a self-storage unit is a good move for students, you may now be thinking of hiring your own. When looking for one, take into consideration the location, affordability and security of the facility. A good facility will be able to satisfy these conditions. Bristol-based self-storage, Stashed Away, is a family run facility that offers an affordable and local solution to your personal storage needs. With a variety of storage solutions available to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something the ideal solution to suit your storage needs. Contact a member of the team today on 01179516325 for any further information about our storage availability.