The perfect gift

Let’s talk Christmas gifts. Understandably, some prefer to wait until last minute to get the gifts sorted, but with just six weeks until Father Christmas’ arrival why not getting it sorted now to give you a bit more peace of mind and avoid the stressful hunt for the perfect gift in a crowded high street. But what should I buy? Every year, it is the big challenge. Finding that special gift which make our loved ones happy. We gathered some brilliant and inspiring gift ideas together for him, her and of course the kids.

For Him


This apron is a life-changer. Gone are the days with the disgusting stray hairs in the toothbrush and all over the bathroom. Simply pop this Beard Apron around the culprit’s neck, stick the suction cups to a mirror et voila, mess-free shaving!

An Underground Beer Fridge

Certainly, one of the coolest “boys toys” around. This underground beer lift consists of a tough plastic tube, sealed at one end, incorporating a clever “lift” mechanism so that you can effortlessly raise your stash of beer bottles up and out of the ground. Simply remove the lid, turn the handle 45 degrees and watch the cool beer rise up. When not in use, the three trays of beer are pushed back into the ground and totally disappear.

Camper Van MoonlightFor all the van-enthusiasts, this iconic VW Campervan is a true beauty. Whatever atmosphere you want, set the mood with this fab Campervan Moodlight. You can choose from four colours or phase through all of them for an alternative lighting experience. The van comes with a beautifully designed gift box.

For Her

Hot Water Bottle. She will love this gorgeous hot water bottle with a super soft Cashmere cover, especially during the cold evenings. The long unusual shape allows you to feel more heat over more of your body.
The hot water bottle is cased in a cashmere and merino wool sleeve that’s buttoned up with mother of pearl buttons. The blend of cashmere and merino gives a soft feel from the cashmere and the merino wool is also very comfortable, but has a clever secret!

Giant Prosecco Glass

Love a glass or two of Prosecco? This amazing giant decorative glass can hold a full bottle of fizz inside it! This glass is a true eye-catcher at your next party and the perfect gift for Prosecco lovers. Cheers.This is another genius idea for everyone who likes to keep their personal items close when relaxing in bed. Keep your reading material, phone, stationery, glasses and other personal items in this beautiful storage solution. It can be easily attached to any bed or sofa to create a large pocket suitable for storing an array of items you like to keep close.

For the Kids

Surprise your kids with these fun and delicious candy pencils. They’ll love them. An excellent prank for the classroom or an end of year present for the teacher with a sweet tooth. The candy pencils make life that little bit sweeter. The kids will love these big sticky notes. Drawing will be even more fun on these unique papers. They can draw, peel off and stick up their masterpieces straight away at school and at home. And best of all, they are quite useful for the household as well.

Retro Gaming Mat

With this unique gift you take your kids back to the the golden age of video games. It contains 200 classic video games including Pizza Boy, Balloon Shoot, Firebase and Snake, and will entertain the whole family appealing to children and grown-up gamers alike. It’s a great gift as it is easy to use and requires no installation. The Retro Gaming Mat also offers a great workout as you’ll need to stand up and stamp your feet to play.

Whatever the occasion, the Retro Gaming Mat is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and much mirth all around.