Should I Get a Self Storage?

Hiring a self-storage unit can be a bit costly. Aside from the actual monthly rental, you also need to consider things like packaging materials and transportation expenses. This is why you should make sure that getting a storage space is the right solution for your needs.

Here are some of the common reasons why you might consider hiring self-storage.

Moving Locations
One of the most common reasons why people hire a self-storage is when they move homes. Moving out can be really stressful and having a storage space where they can put all the unnecessary possessions can help them figure out what to keep and bring with them. This gives them time to sort things out once they transferred locations. After they have sorted everything, they can now decide what to do with the items in the storage space.

Another reason why people are hiring storage space is that they are travelling around the world. Some even stay overseas for a few months or a whole year. Hiring a storage space, and then renting your property out for a year means that even when you are enjoying overseas, you can still make money from your home.

After 50 to 60 years of acquiring possessions, there will come a time where we finally decide to downsize. There are things that you may want to sell, but there are also those properties that means so much that you just can’t afford to let go. Hiring a long-term self-storage can help you with this. You can just put all the items you don’t want to lose in your storage.

Grown-up Kids and Universities
When the time comes, kids leave home to start their separate lives in different universities. When this happens, it is now time to move their things into self-storage and enjoy the extra space. If they decide to leave home for good, but still don’t have enough space for everything they own, you can hire a storage space for them. This is a good way not to clog up your house and garage with their possessions. Also, by placing their stuff in a storage space they can still return and sort it themselves.

Commercial Use
Self-storage for commercial reasons is gaining popularity as they use these spaces as an extension of their own commercial area. Before, small businesses have to deal with the issue of limited space causing them to get stuck into the “small business” phase. With the help of a self-storage, they can now expand and improve their businesses.

Securing An Investment
People who have treasured possessions, like a unique collection or an antique vehicle, but don’t have the space to keep them decide on renting self-storage. These investments can increase in worth over time, that’s why many people decide on keeping them aside, considering their personal value.

Self-storage vs Larger Apartment
A larger apartment means costlier rent. People tend to keep their possessions in self-storage than look for a bigger apartment that will cost them a fortune. Hiring a self-storage space might cost less rather than moving into a larger home just to accommodate the extra properties.

Keeping stuff you don’t need is always a bad investment. You have to consider renting a storage space if things that you are storing actually have value for you even after a long period of time.

If any of the reasons above apply to you, then you have to consider hiring a storage space. We at Stashed Away are more than happy to assist you with your storage needs. We offer multiple low-cost storage options, all with maximum security to give you peace of mind. With a variety of storage solutions available to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something, the ideal solution to suit your storage needs. Contact a member of the team today on 01179516325 for any further information about our storage availability.