Items That Storage Lovers Need

Whether you love or hate packing your possessions, finding the right items to keep them safe is important. If you are a fan of using self-storage, here are the items you may require to assist you when placing your things into the storage unit.

1. Permanent Marker or Label Maker

Most people do not appreciate the value of labelling boxes until they are faced with the task of looking through everything in their self-storage unit in search of one particular item. Label your boxes accordingly and use the markers to write down the categorisations. This will help you manage your possessions and prevent you from opening boxes one by one just to search for a specific item.

2. Dryer Sheets

Do you know that dryer sheets not only keep your items at the self-storage smelling fresh? Putting a few sheets strategically in the corners of the storage unit will keep minute insects from entering your unit. Just remember to replace the sheets once a month.

3. Furniture Covers

If you are storing furniture such as mattresses, chairs and tables in your storage unit, it is important to have furniture covers to protect against dust and damage.

4. Clear Plastic Bins

Aside from boxes, you can also store items in clear plastic bins. These are more durable than cardboard boxes and can be reused many times. A tip when buying bins: purchase bins of the same size to make them easy to stack. If you have a limited self-storage space, it is important to choose the right shape and size of the plastic bins to maximise the use of space.

5. Vacuum-Sealed Bags

If you are worried about storing your clothes, beddings and other linens in your self-storage unit, then we have the perfect solution for you! You can store these items in vacuum-sealed bags protecting them from any damage. Vacuum-sealed bags are perfect to save space as they squeeze the air out and don’t allow it to go back in.

6. Bubble Wrap

When storing valuables, another important item is bubble wrap. By using bubble wrap you are reducing the likelihood of fragile items being broken. Make sure to avoid leaving gaps when filling boxes.

7. Cardboard

Do not throw away old cardboard! These items can be repurposed and used when it comes to storing items. You can put cardboard between printed photos to stop them from curling or use it underneath heavy boxes to prevent them from sliding.

8. Basic Cleaning Supplies

Before putting your possessions in your self-storage unit, you may want to clean them first. Storage units may become dusty so keeping basic cleaning supplies inside your storage unit is a must. This way, you are ready for a cleaning when you visit your self-storage unit.

9. Inventory App

Keeping an inventory or tracker of your belongings is important. It’s impossible to remember everything you have stored in your self-storage unit, just keep tabs using the apps on your mobile phone viagra generika preis.

These are just some of the essentials you require when storing items in your self-storage unit.

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