How to survive the lockdown

The recent weeks have been an enormous challenge for all of us and with no clear indication yet on when and how the lockdown will end, unfortunately, we might need to brace ourselves for more social distancing measures and time at home. To remain upbeat and positive here are a few quick tips on making the best of these extraordinary times:

Limit your exposure to TV news. Constant news is such a dynamic change at the moment and it’s all negative. Picking it up once a day will give you time to do other stuff without missing the latest updates.

Exercise is vital. If you are healthy physically, you will be healthy mentally. Make the most of the allowance to leave the house for one outdoor exercise a day. Whether you prefer to walk, jog or cycle, take time out during the day for exercise makes a real difference.

Keep mentally fit by reading books and doing things like quizzes. This is an ideal opportunity to learn something new.

Positivity is the key. Don’t begin the day by rehearsing your grievances. Begin by remembering you’re alive and there are good things still. Tough things may come later but take it one step at a time. Begin with gratitude; then ask for the grace to face the day and its difficulties. Then go and address the difficulties.

Keep a regular schedule. Having a clear plan for the day, can help to get through the days much easier. Go to bed at the same time in the evening, have breakfast, lunches and dinner at the same time every day and have dedicated time slots for exercising and reading.