How to Find the Right Storage Unit

How to Find the Right Storage Unit
If you’re moving to a new house or you have to store away some valuable items from your home or office, it is ideal to get a storage unit. But before renting one, you have to assess if the facility can ensure that your belongings will be kept secure and well taken care of. Here’s a short guide when selecting the right storage unit.

Consider its location

Storage units are often built sturdily and are hardly affected by outside factors. Then again, changes in temperature and humidity level can affect the items that are stored inside. If the storage unit is outdoors, it is more susceptible to heat, humidity and violent winds. On the other hand, if it is located indoors, the temperature and moisture content may still vary, especially if it receives direct sunlight or rain. Moisture in walls can leak into the unit and could cause mould growth in your valuables. As such, it is important to stack your boxes several inches away from the wall.

Picking a climate-controlled storage is a great idea for items that are vulnerable to these factors, such as seasonal clothing, antiques, furniture and electrical appliances. This way, your belongings will be stored in a more consistent climate, making them less likely to be damaged by the changing weather conditions.

Tight security

One of the things you would like to avoid is to get your items stolen, that is why it is essential that the storage facility you choose has tight security. Make sure to check the lock, access keypad and burglar alarm to confirm they are in good working condition. There should also be adequate lighting inside and outside the unit and surveillance cameras must be in place. Ultimately, it would be best if someone constantly monitors the activities in the facility.

Proper maintenance

A number of people may have used the storage unit before you so it is vital to inspect the space. Make sure that there are no spills or leakage in the room that could possibly damage your items. There shouldn’t be gaps or cracks as these can allow insects, rodents and pests to enter and damage your items. Having a clean and pest-free storage unit can give you peace of mind that your belongings are secure, no matter what.

Picking the right size

Storage units come in a variety of sizes. Before choosing a unit, you have to assess the size of the items that you’re going to store, to avoid paying for a space that you won’t use. There are some tools online like storage calculators and size guides that you can use to determine the space that you need. Asking a facility staff member can help you attain the best size perfect for your items.

Cost can vary widely

Storage unit prices vary, depending on the size, location and features. It is best to shop around and look for the best deals before signing a contract. This can provide you with a good idea of what you require for a price that won’t hurt your wallet. Just take note of the important features like climate control, security and cleanliness when making your decision.

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