Commercial Storage: A retailer’s best friend

If you work in the retail industry, dealing with stock is an everyday occurrence. The same applies for at-home retailers who operate from the home. When your stock starts to take over your business space, however, it’s time to look into alternative storage solutions. If your products are perishable, this may require additional consideration to ensure that they remain fresh and suitable for sale.

Offsite storage is a cost-effective and convenient solution to store any overflow stock while ensuring that items are kept in good condition. If you need a little more convincing, here are a few more reasons why self-storage is a great solution for store-based, online, and at home retailers.

Range of contracts and storage unit sizes

Self-storage facilities typically offer a range of storage unit sizes, which means you only pay for the exact amount of space you need. Staff in these facilities will be able to advise on the best storage size for you, and it is important to take into consideration that you may need to increase this storage size as more stock is delivered. Storage facilities also offer flexible contracts for anyone looking to hire a unit, which means that you can rent storage space for short and long-term periods.

The cost of these facilities might also surprise you, as they tend to be more affordable than you might’ve thought.

High levels of security.

Storage facilities have increased levels of security as they are trusted to keep valuable items safe from theft or damage. A quality facility will combine the security of access control systems with CCTV and/or onsite security guards. With these systems in place, you can rest assured that any stock is well protected against the threat of theft.

Access to items on demand

A common misconception with self-storage facilities is that they don’t provide the necessary amount of access to your stored items. This is a complete myth. Offsite facilities will understand that you need to have access to your items at all times, which includes early mornings, evenings, and weekends. Some storage facilities may also provide a collection and delivery service, making it easier for you to get on with important tasks of the day.

For retailer’s this can be a particularly useful feature when looking to find additional storage for excess stock, whilst also managing their day-to-day business.

Temperature controlled facilities.

Stock may need specific conditions in order to be stored, and if you are unable to provide this for any excess stock at the workplace, then a storage facility offers a great alternative solution. Storage units often include temperature-controlled environments, which means items are protected against the risk of damp or fading under bright light. For perishable products, temperature conditions are absolutely vital to avoid items spoiling and becoming unfit for sale.

Clear unnecessary clutter

Whether you work in a shop, or from home, if you keep high volumes of stock it won’t be long until the start to take up valuable space.

If items are left to stack up, whether, in a stock room, or an office, there is an increased risk of damage which could mean you lose money. Keeping stock in a controlled storage environment will prevent the risk of damage, as items are carefully packed, stacked, and stored.

If you are a retailer and need a cost-effective and secure storage solution for excess stock, contact Bristol-based Stashed Away today. We provide a range of storage units with high levels of security, at affordable prices and with flexible contracts. Contact our team today on 01179 516325 to find out how we can help store your additional stock.