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Many businesses make their first steps from home

Working at home has at least two challenges. The first one is a lack of motivation and plenty of other possibilities which can distract you. Another potential issue is mixing of home and business life. Have you thought about working from a storage facility, yes it will cost you money, but you’ll be able to increase productivity. You’ll feel more motivated to get up early in the morning and head to your work space. Ideal for:-

  • Online Retailers
  • Sales and Service Professionals
  • Event Organiser
  • Charity
  • Theatres
  • Arts and Crafts

By using a storage facility as your work space, the moment you want to expand it’s as easy as renting another storage unit next door and another great thing is that you won’t be forced to sign a long lease.

Reconfiguration of existing work space

Some of your staff may not even come into your work place anymore due to remote working and you will have surplus space or you’re creating space to continue working in these unprecedented times. Whether it’s downsizing or moving items into storage for safe keeping for later use we can help

How we can assist your business

  • Document storage and Stock holding
  • Customised storage designed for your business
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electricity outlets
  • Shelving
  • Security
  • Free Van usage
  • No business rates
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